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Namibia: This Land is Ours

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Namibia: This Land is Ours examines how black and white Namibians are struggling over who should own Namibia’s farms and cattle ranches. This same issue has engulfed neighboring Zimbabwe, where President Robert Mugabe’s disastrous policy of forcible takeovers of white-owned farms has led to economic ruin and food shortages. Namibia is different. The government has adopted a more conciliatory approach to land reform, forbidding illegal land seizures. Nevertheless, Namibia’s leaders — who fought a long war against South African apartheid-style occupation, winning independence in 1990 — are committed to redistributing land in a country where there is still a vast disparity in land ownership. Whites make up only about 6 percent of Namibia’s 1.8 million people but own most of the arable land, including the flower farm and the cattle ranch featured in the film.

What is playing out in Namibia over land reform is a continent-wide debate in microcosm: Given Africa’s history of colonialism, and its ongoing disparities in wealth between blacks and whites, how is it possible to redress those inequities fairly without causing economic collapse?

Initial filming was completed as part of an International Reporting Project Fellowship, formerly called the Pew Fellowship in International Journalism, while subsequent filming was funded by PBS’s FRONTLINE WORLD.

Click to watch Namibia: This Land is Ours on the FRONTLINE WORLD website.

Making Schools Work with Hedrick Smith

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Making Schools Work is a two-hour PBS special about education reform. It profiles several different approaches to individual school reform at the elementary, middle and high school levels and in different regions, as well as district-wide reforms in three major American cities. All are examples of effective school reform with proven academic gains, over several years.

Hour One, which Sarah Colt produced and co-wrote for Hedrick Smith Productions, Inc., examines four individual school reform models with excellent results and diversity of approach: Success for All; Comer School Development Program; KIPP: Knowledge is Power Program; and High Schools That Work.


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Robert Francis Kennedy would almost certainly have been president if his violent death hadn’t intervened. He was brave, claims one biographer, “precisely because he was fearful and self-doubting.” This probing and perceptive biography reassesses the remarkable and tragic life of the third Kennedy son, the boy Joe Sr. called the “runt.”

Featuring extensive interviews with family members, friends, journalists, Washington insiders, and civil rights activists, the film chronicles the pivotal role RFK played in many of the major events of the 1960s — the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights movement, the war in Vietnam. The film looks closely at Kennedy’s complicated relationships with some of the leading figures of his day, Martin Luther King and Lyndon B. Johnson, among them. And it reveals much about his personal world, his role as family mediator, and his overwhelming grief and guilt following the assassination of his older brother.

Sarah Colt produced RFK with David Grubin, the award-winning director of FDR and LBJ, for David Grubin Productions, Inc.

Click here to visit the RFK website.

Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm

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Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm is a 90-minute program on the role of the Secretary General of the United Nations.  With David Grubin and his team, Sarah Colt joined Annan as he flew to Afghanistan to encourage reconstruction efforts, to Norway to accept the Nobel Prize, and to East Timor to declare its independence. Cameras were even on hand when the Secretary-General traveled to Sesame St. to teach conflict resolution to the world’s next generation. The result? Ninety minutes of frank interviews and intimate behind-the-scenes episodes that provide unforgettable insight into a world leader at the center of the storm.

Click here to visit the Kofi Annan – Center of the Storm website.