Sarah Colt


Sarah Colt is an independent documentary filmmaker who has been working in public television for nearly two decades.  Most recently, she directed and produced Walt Disney, a four-hour biography, which aired in September 2015 on PBS’s national history series AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Prior to Walt Disney, she wrote, directed, and produced Henry Ford for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and A Nation Reborn and A New Light for FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s special series God in America. In 2009 two of her films aired on PBS: The Polio Crusade, a one-hour program about the development of the polio vaccine for PBS’s AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and Geronimo, also aired in 2009 as part of PBS’s special series on Native American history, We Shall Remain.

Before starting her own company, Colt worked for David Grubin Productions, where she produced the highly acclaimed biography RFK, and earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Science, Nature, and Technology for co-producing The Secret Life of the Brain, a five-part series. Some of her other producing credits include Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm, Making Schools Work with Hedrick Smith, and Young Doctor Freud.  In 2004 Colt was awarded an International Reporting Project Journalism Fellowship and traveled to Namibia to report on the racial imbalance of land ownership in Southern Africa.

Colt attended Harvard University where she began her documentary career as a still photographer and earned several prizes for her work, including a Radcliffe Traveling Fellowship that sent her to Zimbabwe for a year.

Helen Ryan Dobrowski


Helen Ryan Dobrowski has worked with Sarah Colt for over eight years, most recently co-producing Walt Disney (broadcast in September 2015) and Henry Ford. Her previous projects with Sarah Colt Productions include episodes three and four of God in America and The Polio Crusade. She has been involved in the research, fundraising, and production of the Co-op City project since its inception, and has also worked as a freelancer specializing in archival and content research and interview shoot planning and production for Boston-area producers. Dobrowski came to Sarah Colt Productions from Boston College, her alma mater, where she worked in University Advancement Marketing and Communications. In 2005, Helen was awarded the Costa-Gavras Social Justice Award for her work with Film Studies chair and professor John Michalcyzk on a segment of his series on disabilities titled I’m In Here.

Michael Haviland

Associate Producer

Michael Haviland is a New York City-based producer and writer of non-fiction television and digital content. A graduate of Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Mike began his career at WGBH-TV in Boston, where he worked on lifestyle series and concert specials for PBS. Since then, Mike has written and produced programming for Investigation Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel and CNN. He’s also produced digital content for brands and organizations such as the American Lung Association, Canadian Pacific Railway, Comcast, Trojan and Lambda Legal. A storyteller at heart, Mike joins the production team as AP on The Gilded Age.

Cleo Nevakivi-Callanan

Production Assistant

Cleo Nevakivi-Callanan is a recent honors graduate who majored in history and political science at Wiliams College. She has previously worked on research and content analysis for C&G Partners and Sesame Workshop, as well as early childhood education at the Williams College Children’s Center and Williamstown Elementary School. Cleo won the award for “Best Original Research” for her senior thesis on child evacuees during World War II and is interested in a wide range of topics including American politics, modern European history, and social justice. Cleo joins the production team as the PA on The Gilded Age.