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Sarah Colt

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Sarah Colt is a New York-based documentary filmmaker whose work brings to life the figures and forces that have shaped America. Since founding Sarah Colt Productions a decade ago, she has directed and produced for PBS’s award-winning history series, American Experience—including the Emmy-nominated Walt Disney, Henry Ford, The Polio Crusade, and part four of We Shall Remain, a mini-series on Native history. Her most recent film, The Gilded Age, told the story of one of the most transformative eras in American history—and its unsettling parallels with the present day. In 2015 she was praised by the Hollywood Reporter for herimpressive” work “chronicling the 20th century’s most brilliant, most creative, most egotistical…industrialists.”

A graduate of Harvard University, Sarah began her career as a still photographer. As a Radcliffe Traveling Fellow, she spent a year living and photographing in Zimbabwe. She later joined David Grubin Productions, where she began producing documentary films, including RFK and the Emmy Award-winning series, The Secret Life of the Brain—both for PBS. After being awarded an International Reporting Project Fellowship in 2004, she wrote, produced, and directed Namibia: This Land is Ours, which premiered as part of Frontline World’s Rough Cut series, and examined the racial imbalance of land ownership in Southern Africa.

In 2017, spurred by an interest in understanding the forces that led to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, Sarah began production on her first independent feature documentary, The Disrupted. Currently in production, this vérité project follows a displaced factory worker in Ohio, a fifth-generation Kansas farmer in danger of losing the family land, and a laid-off mortgage processor turned Uber driver in Florida, providing an immersive view of middle class families on the edge.

Sarah has earned several awards for her work including an Emmy and a Peabody nomination.